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Dr. Kwame Gilbert

Kingdom Community


533 Weber Street East, Kitchener ON

Phone: (519) 745-8561 



Bishop, Dr. Kwame Gilbert is a Board Member of the Canadian Black Clergy and Allies (CBCA).


Bishop, Dr. Kwame Gilbert is a Pastor, Writer, leadership mentor, coach, and counselor. A native of Guyana, South America, he considers himself to be a servant to humanity and an ambassador of the Kingdom of God.  He has served in Pastoral ministry since 1995, during which time he also held such offices in the Church of God in Guyana as:  National Evangelism Director, National Education Director, a member of the state council and supervising pastor in the Ministerial Internship Program.


He was also very actively involved in Public life and served as a Presidential advisor and Member of Parliament for nine years. He now serves as Senior Pastor of the Kingdom Community International Church in Kitchener Ontario, Chairman of the Regional council and District Overseer of the Kitchener/ London District of Churches.


As a writer he has published over two hundred articles on Christian Faith and Political action.  He is the author of two books “Transformational Leadership” and recently published “From Good Intentions to Intentional Living”.


A perpetual student, he pursues learning with a passion. He is the holder of several degrees including Bachelors Degree in Christian Education, Masters’ Degree in Conflict Resolution, Masters’ in Global Human resource Management and a Doctorate in Leadership and Organization. He also holds diplomas in Behavioral Psychology and Humanitarian Diplomacy.  He is a certified Behavioral Consultant and Corporate Trainer.


Dr. Gilbert is happily married to the beautiful Minister Rona Gilbert and has two sons Jered and Edrei. His passion is for empowering the church and transforming nations.

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