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Action Items

Family Unwrapping

Family Dynamics

• To examine systemic issues with Black Families such as pathology, poverty, structure-functionality, risk of children, youth, ages, stages.

• To encourage community engagement for issues requiring behavioral changes for the well being of families.

• To arrest the threat of parental rights to raise our children with Biblical truth and values.

Systemic Anti-Black/ Racism (Law, Justice)

• To ensure that the infrastructure and systems that promote anti-Black racism, biases and prejudices that denies and excludes blacks from advancing  in Government, corporate and voluntarily organizations is dismantled.

• To examine The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) policies and guidelines for compliance and justice to protect the public interest and to eliminate discriminatory practices.

• To ensure that racism in the police system must be dismantled including Police brutality, criminalization, incarceration, unfair jury and justice system, racial profiling.

Kneeling Protestors

Economic Development

Empowering blacks through job and economic opportunities; innovation incubators; business development; funding for entrepreneurship initiatives.

Education Initiatives

Community involvement in schools and students; parental collaboration; investments in educational initiatives; business school partnerships; provide funding; eradicate systemic racism in the educational system.

Engage Solutionists (Churches, Communities)

• Grass root mobilization, sharing and connecting with communities.

• Mobilize Churches and Volunteers to provide programs and work with social services and organizations to become Centers of Hope. This will allow the moral conscience of the Church to infuse all areas of society.

Church Interior

Government & Politics

• For the Church to be Awakened, Alert and Actively involved with government and politics (vote, be a voice, train leaders) for greater influence.

• To be in Kingdom Leadership on School Boards, Municipal Councils, Provincial Parliament and Federal Parliament.

Black funded programs in the Greater Toronto Area




1224 Dundas Street East, Unit 25, Mississauga, ON L4Y 4A2
Tel: (905) 566-2875 | Fax: (905) 566-1154 | E-mail:

Youth Mentorship, education and counseling to mention a few areas 

African-Canadian Christian Network (Toronto East)

ACCN - Toronto



The ACCN offers a Black-led parenting group program and online resources that will support parents to advocate for children and youth. It includes targeting engagement of parents through faith-based organizations. Parent-to-Parent

Delta Family Resource Centre (Toronto West)


Delta uses “pop-up” infrastructure to deliver a culturally focused centre for Black families. It includes drop-in programming for children and parents, parenting workshops and supports, tween workshops, African heritage programs, workshops for families involved with child welfare, grief support, capacity building supports for families, and community referrals.

The Reading Partnership for Black Parents Program (Toronto)

Reading Partnership

This program teaches Black parents how to help their children read, thereby improving their success in school. It also works with local partners to promote and improve literacy in the communities that need it the most.

Young & Potential Fathers (Toronto West)

Young & Potential Fathers

Young and Potential Fathers (YPF) supports and mentors young Black Canadian men in the Greater Toronto Area. YPF provides father-focused and culturally sensitive assistance for young men to build resiliency and increase father involvement.


Toronto Children's Concert Choir

TC3- Toronto Children’s Concert Choir and Preforming Arts Company. 

Toronto, Montreal, Halifax- Hope Works Connection Inc

Heritage Skills Development Centre (Toronto East)

Heritage Skills Development Centre

This program delivers parenting / caregiver-focused and parent and youth / child workshops to foster more meaningful and positive interactions and communication skills within families. The program targets newcomer parents and is co-located in a Toronto Community Housing building in Scarborough. It includes a counselling component for participants experiencing family conflict, separation, and other issues and networking opportunities for participants to make connections with guest speakers from key systems (e.g. child welfare) to build capacity for parents to interact with those systems.

John Howard Society

The "Together We Are" program recognizes the diversity and strength that exists within Black families and aims to empower and support parents and caregivers of Black children. The program is delivered in six 2 hour sessions and focuses on engaging parents and their children (ages 6 to 11)

Malton Neighbourhood Services (Peel Region)

Malton  Services

Parenting programs target Black families and offer a “wrap around” strategy. It provides culturally responsive services to parents, infants, children, and youth, including counselling, drop-in parent and child programs, workshops, parent peer relationships, recreation, and community referrals.

Mommy Monitor (Ontario-wide)

Mommy Monitor

The Mommy Monitor app focuses on improving maternal and child health outcomes for Black pregnant women and families. It includes postnatal support and parenting skills (for parenting children up to 3 years old) and a Maternal Mentoring component.

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